Perfect Pitch Washes Reviews

We purchased this set to take along on our camping trips, and its perfect. The boxes nest together and stow into the handy carry bag, and is very light weight. These are the features that sold us on purchasing this game, (instead of building one ourselves from bulky materials). Since we pack the game into our camper's side storage hatch, these features save us space, weight, keeps everything together (ie: keeps washers from getting lost!), and keeps the interior or our storage area clean, (at those times when we pack the game away and it has some dirt on it). The boxes come clean easily just by rinsing with water, and the black color helps them dry quickly in the sun. We've had our set for over a year, and it has proven very durable. We've used it on several camping trips, as well as at home. I'm sure we will enjoy this set for many years to come. – J. Doyle

We had this game which was made of a cheap grade of wood. It fell apart. I searched the web and came upon your site, made the purchase and took it with the family to the beach vacation. Needless to say, the new "washers" was a tremendous hit. People walking by on the beach were definitely impressed with the game and commented on the plastic bins. We love this product and know of 2 people who will be purchasing the product.  - Carol Koza

It is a very fun game and is used at lots of parties as well as just a fun thing at the end of a day.  – Linda Geary