I've played and seen other ladderball games out there. This one is extremely well-built, sturdy and very easy to assemble. Comes with a very sturdy rectangular bag if you're taking it on a picnic or the like. Excellent product. (And a lot of fun to play) – David “WW”

This is the best built Ladderball game made. It is easy to put together and take apart. Sturdy construction allows for the best playing experience possible. Easy to transport. Best of all it is priced right! – Stephen E. Johnson

After reading many reviews on Amazon I decided to purchase this game and was not disappointed. It is extremely sturdy and easy to put together. It is great to have the bag in case we travel but I think we will mostly use it at home. I bought this for a graduation party and it was a big hit with the gang. It is heavy and seems like it will be sturdy enough to hold up under rugged conditions. I would definitely recommend this product. C. Campbell “Williamsburg Mom”

We have owned 3 other ladderball sets that cost around $20 each in the past and they all fell apart within weeks. This one is amazing and very durable. Definitely worth the price! – Anon

I have purchased several of these sets and given as gifts and everyone raves about the quality and sturdiness.!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Scott

Easy to construct and a whole lot of fun for my two grandsons and their Cub Scout friends while we were on our four day/night campout. For a large group, I would recommend purchasing an extra set of balls, either in another color, or you could mark them, so that four could play at one time. – Owen Meredith

We've tried a few ladder ball Games, and have not had good luck with them strong enough/sturdy enough for all the guys to play on. This one... this one is awesome! It withheld the guys tournament, and we loved it! Highly recommend this product! – Candance Wallenstein


The children at our family picnic had a lot of fun playing this game. It was nice quality, and should last through many more picnics. – DEQ

Can't wait to try these out. Always looking for some outdoor fun for family. Bought the whole package and some extra balls. – Alice

The game was sturdy enough to take hours upon hours of use and light enough to carry between locations quite easily. Easy to put together and take apart. So happy with this product! Was a family hit! – Brooke R

At our niece's college graduation party, my husband and I played this game for the first time. We loved it so much we ordered one for ourselves as soon as we got home. We have played it several times since it arrived. We love the carrying case so the game is mobile and easily stored. We love to play with family and friends who come over this summer and it had created some great memories as we all learn to play. – Tara

As advertised this is a very solid quality ladderball game. Used this ladder golf game for a large gathering. It was then borrowed by friends for another large gathering a week later. Very sturdy as advertised. Tons of fun. – SC

I bought this for our first shift work party and set it up. I had over 40 people at the party and this was the favorite game for the adults. I had bought a set of horseshoes and made a horseshoe pit area. This was played more than the horseshoes. – Spook

Love it! We bought this to play with friends, and everyone had a great time. Set up was quick and easy. I would recommend it to anyone who likes playing outdoor games. – Tina Powell


We purchased this set to take along on our camping trips, and its perfect. The boxes nest together and stow into the handy carry bag, and is very light weight. These are the features that sold us on purchasing this game, (instead of building one ourselves from bulky materials). Since we pack the game into our camper's side storage hatch, these features save us space, weight, keeps everything together (ie: keeps washers from getting lost!), and keeps the interior or our storage area clean, (at those times when we pack the game away and it has some dirt on it). The boxes come clean easily just by rinsing with water, and the black color helps them dry quickly in the sun. We've had our set for over a year, and it has proven very durable. We've used it on several camping trips, as well as at home. I'm sure we will enjoy this set for many years to come. – J. Doyle

We had this game which was made of a cheap grade of wood. It fell apart. I searched the web and came upon your site, made the purchase and took it with the family to the beach vacation. Needless to say, the new "washers" was a tremendous hit. People walking by on the beach were definitely impressed with the game and commented on the plastic bins. We love this product and know of 2 people who will be purchasing the product.  - Carol Koza

It is a very fun game and is used at lots of parties as well as just a fun thing at the end of a day.  – Linda Geary


Tic Tac Toe on the wall with balls that stick when you throw them at square?  Yes, please.  This is a fun and active game for families.  It can also be quite a challenge if you want to play for real!  Quite more complicated than the pen and paper Tic Tac Toe, this game can change as quickly as your opponent’s toss landing in your key square.  Or perhaps you will help them out!  Any way the first person gets three in a row is the way to win.  The TacTic Toss set is safe and portable with an adjustable strap so you can hang it just about anywhere.  It’s great for indoor or outdoor play (even great to take on camping trips!) and the Velcro targets and balls makes it a fun and safe activity for the entire family. - Momma's Bacon


Bought this to play on the beach and in the pool! Travels well and kept us moving for hours! Great fun! – Kristy Amezcua

I bought this game for my children to play with their friends during a birthday party challenge. It was a hit. – Imelda Gonzalez

We purchased this product to replace the magnetic dartboard that our son had been given on his 8th birthday. We just couldn't find a place in our house to hang the magnetic one, and we were worried that the metal darts would damage walls and children. Then Maranda Enterprise Target Toss comes with two straps that anchor it almost anywhere (ours is attached to our son's art easel) and allow easy repositioning. The target is 24" in diameter and inflates to about 6" thick, creating a large, flat surface to which the balls adhere quite firmly. It seems sturdy enough to use both outside and inside, as the manufacturer suggests. The target got its first work-out last weekend, and it entertained our 8-year-old son as well as 9- and 10-year-old guests.  – MarylandMom