Target Toss Reviews

Bought this to play on the beach and in the pool! Travels well and kept us moving for hours! Great fun! – Kristy Amezcua

I bought this game for my children to play with their friends during a birthday party challenge. It was a hit. – Imelda Gonzalez

We purchased this product to replace the magnetic dartboard that our son had been given on his 8th birthday. We just couldn't find a place in our house to hang the magnetic one, and we were worried that the metal darts would damage walls and children. Then Maranda Enterprise Target Toss comes with two straps that anchor it almost anywhere (ours is attached to our son's art easel) and allow easy repositioning. The target is 24" in diameter and inflates to about 6" thick, creating a large, flat surface to which the balls adhere quite firmly. It seems sturdy enough to use both outside and inside, as the manufacturer suggests. The target got its first work-out last weekend, and it entertained our 8-year-old son as well as 9- and 10-year-old guests.  – MarylandMom